RN2483 don't send mac_tx_ok

I read in RN2483 Command Reference and see that answer to mac tx should be similar to next:

mac tx cnf 4 AB
mac_rx 1 AC
mac_rx 1 AF

The problem is that i just receive and the first mac_rx. I think that should receive mac_tx_ok too.

I read in manual that automatic reply feature should be enabled and server should set Frame Pending bit.
I enable automatic reply with “mac set ar on”, but i get the same answer.

Someone knows what’s happening?

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Its the same on my system. I tried to write a Windows C Program, that communicates with the RN2483 module, and i need the answer to ensure the completted communication.
If i get it to run correctly i will write it in here.
I am useing an Multitech Conduit as Gateway and at the moment it generates the answers too. May I need to change something on the Conduit side, that it sends an end of frames or anything like that.

if you use “mac set ar on”, it receives all downlink msges, but not the mac_tx_ok.

I think i got it.
If you want to get the same result, you need to set the mac set ar on, like told before and on the serverside (on my system on the multitech gateway) you need to set the acknowledgment to true.

If you use mosqitto use “mosquitto_pub -t lora//down -m ‘{ “data”: , “ack”: true }’”

Good Luck