RN2483 FW 1.0.5 hangs after receiving LinkADRReq+DevStatusReq

Hi all,

I would like to report an issue I have with devices using RN2483A (FW: “RN2483 1.0.5 Oct 31 2018 15:06:52”) in combination with ChirpStack. I wonder if anybody has similar experiences or a solution to this issue?

Problem description:
Device-status request frequency = 4 (enabled):

  • Device joins successfullly
  • Sends uplink frame 0
  • Receives downlink frame 0: LinkADRReq + DevStatusReq
  • RN2483A hangs, no response to AT command anymore, hard reset needed.

Device-status request frequency = 0 (disabled):

  • Device joins successfully
  • Sends uplink frame 0
  • Receives downlink frame 0: LinkADRReq
  • Continues normally.

Additional observations:

  • With Actility/Thingpark: The exact same device responds correctly to DevStatusReq. Actility sends DevStatusReq (without LinkADRReq) in downlink frame 0.
  • With the older firmware “RN2483 1.0.4 Oct 12 2017 14:59:25”, the device responds correctly to DevStatusReq.
  • Changing settings like LoRaWAN MAC version did not help. I use EU868, LoRaWAN 1.0.2 RevB normally.

Do you have similar experiences? Solutions other than disabling DevStatusReq?
Thanks a lot!

I think it would be best to inform Microchip: https://microchipsupport.force.com/s/.

Any way i can do this without using AT commands? using the TTN library, I have an Arduino nano that controls the radio here.

Thanks in Anticipation.

Device-status request frequency = 0: This is a setting in ChirpStack / Service-profile, not an AT command on the device. You could create a dedicated service-profile for RN2483-devices with this setting.

I just opened a support case at Microchip. Will keep you posted.

Mine is already 0, still I face the problem. I stop receiving uplinks even though the end node is transmitting them.

Anything else that you did?

Microchip support responed:

I will try to find out if they still plan to release a new “certified” FW for RN2483/RN2903 or if they leave it to the customers.