RPi 4 & CS OS 4.3 (problem again)

My CS OS 4.2.0 worked on RPi 3B for over a week. So, I decided to port it to the RPi 4B. And a surprise happened.
It doesn’t work.
First, I removed the SD disk from RPi 3B and put it into RPi 4B. OS started, and DHCP showed an IP address; I got it and put this IP into the web browser, and first surprise, the link to the http://IP address/ doesn’t work. So I ran the poweroff command, the computer accepted this command, and I turned off the power supply. No surprise.
I made a fresh copy of 4.3.0 OS on a new SD card. I put it into RPi 4B. The system started and asked me to change the password for the root user. I made it.
I looked into the DHCP server and saw that the router showed me the same address. And obviously, this IP still can’t open the CS web interface.

I ran the ifconfig from the console of CS OS, and I got the following:

But it’s my router address! I have a conflict of IPs.

So this is the cause of my problem I think.

And the problem with the power off returned back.

So, what should I do to resolve this problem?

I returned to RPi 3B. It works very well with 4.20 version.
Why don’t CS OS 4.2 and 4.5 work on the RPi 4 board?

You can try to install the default Pi OS to your Pi 4 and see if it can shutdown well by command line.

The hardware of Pi 3 and 4 are different.
So swapping the SD between Pi 3 and 4 may not right.

I installed RPi OS on the SD card, and it works.
CS OS is the same for all RPis, as said @brocaar.
Yesterday I had a strange situation.
I put off the SD card from the working RPi3 board and put it into RPi 4, but nothing changed except that power doesn’t disconnect from RPI instead of making the software power off.
But after that, when I removed the SD card from RPi 4 and put it again into RPi 3, this board stopped working.
So I made a fresh copy of RPi 3 full installation, but RPi 3 doesn’t work.

I have just done a search.
Pi4 may not fully shutdown physically.


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