Running 2 instances of Lora-gateway-bridge

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I have a question about availability. We want to duplicate our Internet service provider to be sure that, even if one ISP is experiencing troubles, we still have the connexion from the second one. We will have two modems, two fix IP addresses and one physical server .

What would be the architecture we would have to deploy in such case, knowing that our deployment strategy was to set up the lora-gateway-bridge directly on the gateways. How can we set up our system ?

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I’m not sure what the best option would be, as you can’t bind twice to the same UDP port, this would raise:

FATA[0000] could not setup gateway backend: listen udp bind: address already in use

Would it be possible to configure the gateway so that when one connection fails, LoRa Gateway Bridge would automatically reconnect with the MQTT broker using the second connection (I think the MQTT client will find out soon enough there is a connection issue and will attempt re-connecting)?

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We are going to test two options : removing the lora-gateway-bridge from the gateways and setting it up on our server, and use the poly packet forwarder to forward the packets to two different IP addresses leading to the same instance of lora-gateway-bridge on our server.
The second is the one you mentioned : creating a watchdog service that monitor the connection to the MQTT broker and reconnect in case of lost connexion.
We will keep you informed of the results :slight_smile:
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Please note that LoRa Gateway Bridge will also re-connect on a connection failure, so potentially this could already work to re-route traffic over the second connection?