Running Grafana or other web visualization tool on LORIX One

Hello everyone

We’d like to host a simple web visualization tool on a LORIX One (using ChirpStack Gateway OS).

Is it a good idea to try to host Grafana or something alike it on the LORIX One? (probably by extending the image)

We guess it would have to use the PostgreSQL integration since also running InfluxDB on the LORIX One require too many resources (the LORIX One only has 128 MB of RAM).
Using the PostgreSQL integration, the visualization tool has to get the data from the “object” column (type: jsonb) in the “device_up” table (see PostgreSQL integration).

Are there any recommendations?
Or has anybody already tried that using the LORIX One?

Background information:
We run all of ChirpStack using ChirpStack Gateway OS on a LORIX One and also store the data on the LORIX One by just using the PostgreSQL integration. PostgreSQL is already installed in ChirpStack Gateway OS since it is also used by ChirpStack. Furthermore, we created another piece of software that provides the uplink data through an API (also written in Go and also providing a gRPC and REST interface along the lines of ChirpStack Application Server).
Also we created a WPF .NET application that retrieves and visualizes the data on a Windows computer.
The web visualization tool we are asking for here can really be simple and is just an addition to what i described, just to easily be able to “look at the data” with a browser.

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This is not a good idea.
LorixONE is ​​not a suitable platform on which you can also deploy custom applications.
even Chirpstack Gateway OS is more than enough
I would not recommend do that.