Running with docker but chirpstack has timeout to progres

I have splitted the docker-compose.yml in different files per service and with the name convention from my environment. I have exposed the ports for postgres and redis to the host and I can connect from a different host in the local network to the postgres database but chirpstack container keeps timeout for postgres. Changed the variable to the host and even IP and even tried to change it in the chirpstack.toml file but all without succes. Even log to debug does not give more info. What can I do to make it work? The chirpstack container restarts now every 30 seconds whereby it is also hard to do some debug in the container.

I remember that this can happen if PostgreSQL does not have Chirpstack’s credentials (init script did not run/not run correctly).

If something modified the scripts (.sh files)/git translated the line endings, please convert those back to *nix LF mode. This can be done with tools like Notepad++/dos2unix.
If it was caused by git, I suggest turning off the autocrlf option (which is enabled by default by the Windows installer).

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