RX Join Requests and Join Accepts Are Sent. Nothing afterwards

Greetings All,

I have set up LoRa Server on a headless Lenovo Tiny running Ubuntu 18.04 and Update/Upgrade has been run. The server comes up just fine when I log in from my Mac in the other room.

Anyway, I am running into this issue where the Join Requests and Join Accepts can be seen just fine in the Live LoRa Frames. The devices (Adafruit 32u4 LoRa, and LoPy4) appear to be joining and staying online with OTAA. however I never seeing any further data in the applications.

@bryansmith has been a great help on getting me knowledgeable thus far hence my new and shiny server.

Would anybody be willing to assist me? I will pull whatever data is needed from the TOML files if needed and/or share my config options from the device profiles.



Do the join requests continue or stop? If they continue that suggests the nodes aren’t receiving the answers, check for a mismatch in settings.

Often what you really need to do is get (add) some serial debug output from the node firmware so you can see what is going on from the node’s perspective.

I had this problem last week. In my case, it ended up being that the enabled_uplink channels settings in loraserver.toml didn’t match the channels configured on the gateway. The result was that the joinaccept was telling the node to use channels that no one was listening to.