Rxinfo array with 2 gateways data


I have two gateways sending, when same packet is picked up by two gateway, the rxInfo array size is 2 with data from both gateways. This is brilliant as it gives visibility of rssi and other parameters from both gateways.

However, may I know what could be the reason if only one gateway details are captured in rxinfo, even though the message is picked up by both gateways.

Thanks in advance

A possible cause could be network latency (thus the packet is received after de-duplication).

If it is a latency , then will it not treat the message as two different message?

I have attached the gateway-bridge log showing the below scenario, its same message received by two gateways, how ever rxinfo had only one gateway data in the array

Below is my gateway-bridge configuration, my setup is a multiband setup, and that is why I have included these lines and append the region name in topic. Hope that is correct way to configure?

The other message will be dropped by LoRa Server as the frame-counter has already been seen.

Alright, so based on what you explained there, it seems as per de-duplication logic if the same message is picked up by the two gateways within 200 ms, then we will see both gateway data in rxInfo. Am I correct?