rxInfo integration? Is API the only option?


As stated here, only payload data, location data, meta data is sent to influxdb integration in this case. I would also like to see gatewayID from rxInfo. As by default, influxdb integration does not provide this information, I figured out that it is possible to use API endpoint /api/devices/{dev_eui}/events to get necessary information, however, it is intended for debugging only. Is there anybody who is using this for integration purposes? What could possibly go wrong when using it on daily basis?

The format of that endpoint might change, so your integration might break. Please note that in the latest ChirpStack Application Server release, there is an option for Protobuf encoding (either binary or JSON). When activated, you’ll get the rxInfo and txInfo as forwarded by the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge :slight_smile:

The current JSON format does also contain some rxInfo and txInfo meta-data, but it is only a sub-set of the Protobuf information.

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