SAP PM / IS-U integration

has anyone have done an integration in SAP PM or/and IS-U?

Background: SAP PM is a module called “plant maintanance” of the enterprise ressource planning platform “SAP”. You can handle equipments and plants with this module (manage maintanance) and collect data at measuring points. These measuring points can then be used to trigger service orders and much more. IS-U is for metering where you also have some measuring points (meters)…

We would like to get data collected via LoRa + Chirpstack and save it to a specific measure point. node#111 should be saved to measure point#0093847
There are several ways to do so:

  • write data to file and then make SAP read batchwise that file…
  • use the http integration in the application server
  • make SAP read the mosquitto broker stream
  • make SAP read another database

Perhaps someone has realized such an integration already and found out some neat way to do so?

Thanks for ideas! Andreas.