Scenario for GPS monitoring

I need to set up a scenario that has 30 nodes (arduino + gps module NEO-6M) connected sending data in the interval of 3 ~ 5 seconds, I know that with LoRaWan protocol this is practically impossible.

Does anyone have any idea what settings and settings I can use to have all 30 nodes connected using the platform?

I recently purchased a dragino gateway LG02
I know it is limited and I do not intend to use LoRaWan gateway, can I use it as LoRa Gateway Bridge?

Thank you!

The server won’t limit this, it will be the duty cycle limitation on the transmitter.

Is this EU868 or another region? if it’s European you can use a channel with no duty cycle limit. e.g. 869.7 - 870.0 @ 5mW has no duty cycle. i’d make sure to lower the bandwidth and SF to get better range.

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Hi I use the US915 in Brazil.

Do you have a tutorial or document that explains more about duty cycle limit?

Brazil uses AU915-928 (same as Australia) it’s similar to US915 but not exact.

Here is a good guide on Duty Cycle limits. it is however based on European but the same principles apply.

I think Australia is limited to 1% duty cycle for all channels due to the shared spectrum.


Brazil uses AU915-928 (same as Australia) - Exactly it was my mistake to type in US915.

Thanks for the links!