Schematic Kerlink Wirgrid Debug Board?

So Im facing a problem with the Kerlink Wirnet Station. Theres no way for me to reset it. Someone before had his hands on it and nothing seems to work anymore. I cant find any IP or MAC. I want to try the debug board but its nowhere available. Is there a schematic for it? Maybe theres a way to build it? Just a thought since Im trying anything to get access to the station.

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From the photo here you will see the Wirgrid Debug Board is just an FTDI FT232BL chip which is a USB Serial/UART. The board also has two switches: RESET and BOOT.

The debug header on the gateway itself has a 3.3V TTL UART. You can use a normal USB Serial dongle to connect to it - doesn’t need to be a FT232BL. Any USB UART module should work.

The pinout of the header on the gateway is as follows, with pin 1 closest to the Test button, and pin 8 closest to the Reset button. You’ll note that only every other hole has a metal pin. So count zig-zag from right to left to right.

# 1
2 #     O TEST
# 3
4 #
# 5
6 #
# 7
8 #
        O RESET
  1. Vcc?? - unsure about this
  2. Looks like Reset
  3. TX (connect to dongle RX)
  4. RX (connect to dongle TX)
  5. Looks like Boot
  6. Ground (connect to dongle ground)
  7. ??
  8. ??

Using this I was able to open a terminal using screen /dev/ttyUSB 115200 with the gateway.

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