[Seeeduino LoRaWAN] Length Error 11 on sending data

I am seeing this error continuously when trying to send data to lora gateway from seeeduino device.
Mode is OTAA .
DR is 3.
these are the configurations.

When trying to join network by OTAA join, happens without any issues.
But while sending data to lora gateway, shows
“+CMSG: Length error 11”

Got struck in this issue for days. Thanks in advance for helping

Are you referring to this board? http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Seeeduino_LoRAWAN/

yeah. This board exactly. v1.0 to be exact

Thanks for clarifying. I do not have an answer to your question, but I have renamed the topic to make it clearer :slight_smile: Hopefully somebody else has the same board and can help you out.

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…if it can help…:


page 17:

7.Current payload length is too long to send. +MSG: Length errorNNote: N could be 0 or none zero value, if it returns 0, it means there is a pending Uplink MAC Command must be sent through Port 0. User need send a dummy MSG command "AT+MSG"to flush uplink MAC command.

good luck.

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Tried “AT+MSG” command, didnt work still error remains.
Is there any command which can flush all pending payload in all port?

Found it.
At setup of device contains devicedefault().
When using devicedefault() function error remains.
without using it works.

+CMSG: Start
+CMSG: ACK Received
+CMSG: RXWIN1, RSSI -15, SNR 6.0
+CMSG: Done