Send data between a Node raspberry pi 3 with Lora RF96 to a gateway raspbeery pi 3

Dear comunity, my pleasure to be here.

i’m trying to send data of temperature and humidity (DHT22) between a node raspberry pi 3 with Lora RF96 and a gateway raspberry pi 3 with lora RF96.

First on the gateway i configured the gateway-bridge, loraserver and lora-app-server, as this video:

Second i tried the instructions of this video but i have problems if i tried to update information or delete a device profile or gateway, and show me this:
rpc error: code = Unknown desc = redis connection error: dial tcp [::1]:6379: connect: connection refused (code: 2)

After this error i tried to setup the certificates and key of TLS but i have problem with my i dont know what domain i shoud use.


1- Does this videos configurations serve to send data between a raspberry pi 3 node and a raspberry pi 3 gateway?
2- In caso not, do you have some information that can helo to configurate a nodo raspberry pi with a gateway? how to send the data
3- About the Gateway ID i’m using a number like this for example: 132698343111 it’s OK??

I will apreciate your help.


Fernando Barzola


Did you sort out the problem?