Send data from gateway to node

Good afternoon. Tell me is it possible to send to all devices in range of the base station a message with specific data. I have some device C-class. I need send them data.

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Yeah its possible, you need to create a device profile with the class c activated, you need to get first a uplink packet (node to gateway) and then you can do downlinks (gateway to node), you say that you already have the class C devices, i have done a example with arduino and the RFM95 to create a class c device if you need it i leave a link to the gist, the first uplink is mandatory cause the lora server needs a last RX info in order to know what gateway will transmmit the information so the gateway who transmits will be the nearest to the node.

Thank you. and how to initiate the transfer. For example I need to send a message (e.g. Hello World) to all the devices of class C in radius. Is there a team in the personal office Lora App Server or what else you can do.

Please see Sending:

@brocaar @dronvip

Thanks for info.

I am new for downlink. Lora server is done and up links works fine.

from the above link i understood this is the topic to transmit data application/[applicationID]/node/[devEUI]/tx

example payload:
“reference”: “abcd1234”, // reference which will be used on ack or error (this can be a random string)

“confirmed”: true, // whether the payload must be sent as confirmed data down or not

“fPort”: 10, // FPort to use (must be > 0)

“data”: “Qwerwesdfdsafgsdfg” // base64 encoded data (plaintext, will be encrypted by LoRa Server)

  • Above payload is enough or do we need any other additional parameters?
  • Can you please tell me how can i publish this topic or from where i can publish this data ?
  • My device is class C .How can i confirm that my end node/gateway received the data?

Really helpful if your giving your advice
Thanks in Advance!

im also facing same problem ,i send downlink by mosquitto pub -t “topic” -m “msg” but it will not work so tell me how i successfully send downlink. please give response as soon as possible.

hello, it would need to make a device listen in class c, and transmit in class a. Is it possible with your code?

Yes but you need to decrypt the lorawan message in the device that has not been implemented

for me just to hear that received a message is enough already, could you give me a light how to impliment the listen function and then do the transmission with the abp keys?