Send data to Azure IoT Hub

Hi, I’ve search the forum but I have not found any help with this.

I want to send data from the LoRa App Server to Azure IoT hub.
Does anyone know how to do that?

Thank you so much for any help.

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Do you fix the issue? I have the same problem.

I am not really sure. But I see that Azure has some kind of mqtt

You could redirect the mosquitto to post things to azure.

We do something like that.
When mosquitto broker gets a package it redirects it to a Rabbit broker with another topic.

No, I did not fix the issue.
Instead of setting up my own LoRa Server I decided to setup a LoRa gateway which sends data to The Things Network. From The Things Network the data is being sent to Azure. That works :slight_smile:

I need LoraServer which can send data to Azure IoT Hub (MQTT). If i will use brocaar loraserve it will work?

I haven’t used Azure IoT Hub, but you could read about it in the link fma posted and test it yourself. It’d be nice if you could give it a try and then report about it for others. Good luck!

I have added Azure Service Bus integration. This is a global integration that can be configured in the lora-app-server.toml configuration file (once released) and will let LoRa App Server forward events to an Azure Service Bus Queue or Topic so that this data then can be used by other applications or Azure services. This feature will be included in the next release :slight_smile:

See for more details.

Looking forward to your feedback:

Hi @frederickjensen,

Would you mind sharing more details on how you setup a LoRa gateway which sends data to the TTN and then to Azure?


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I will second this, any update here?