Send downlink packet error: gateway does not exist

gatewaybridge | time="2018-10-28T09:00:52Z" level=info msg="backend: downlink packet received" topic=gateway/b827ebfffe67f31d/tx gatewaybridge | time="2018-10-28T09:00:52Z" level=error msg="send downlink packet error" error="gateway does not exist"

It means that the LoRa Gateway Bridge does not know about the gateway connection (anymore). Not sure how you ended up in this state, but I suggest you restart the LoRa Gateway Bridge.

ok ,thinks.
Hello, I built it with docker-compose, and now I want to ask, how can I save the data that MQTT receives to my disk?

Please keep the questions to the topic :slight_smile: There are other topics covering how to persist device data.

ok,thanks,Anyway, thank you.

Hello, I solved this problem, the solution is: if it is ABP, directly rewrite the hardware parameters, confirm that the parameters and the server can correspond.
But I encountered another problem, like the following two pictures:

How do we solve this problem?

Please keep the discussion related to the topic. This question is not related to the “gateway does not exist error” and there are other topics covering this issue. As a hit:

I have the same problem with LoRa gateway bridge (gateway does not exist), can you give me more details about your solution.
Thanks in advance.