Send gps position of my dynamic LoRa Gateway RAK7244C

Hello everyone! is there a way to send the gps position of a lorawan gateway that is changing its position?? I was reading that RAK7244C has a GPS module in their specifications but the traditional deployments considere static gateways, but I would like to know if is it possible to put a battery to my gateway and go outside with my end nodes and get the gateway gps position exactly as the payload of my end nodes (i get gps position in the payload but of my end nodes, then I saved it into a database and visualize them in a visualizer (just the end nodes)) but I would like to get the gateway gps position exactly like if it were another end node.

-A solution could be to put an end node within my gateway and called it gateway_position but I guess that is not optimal
-Second possible solution I was thinking was if the gateway position is chaged automatically within the chirpstack gateway details.

Thank you so much if someone could help me! I would appreciate it

(I am currently working with Sodaq One end nodes and Sentrius gateway but this router is static and the chirpstack lorawan server is in my laptop) but I want to build a more portable star topology.

The UDP Packet Forwarder protocol sends the location data every stats interval (usually 30 seconds), which will be used by ChirpStack to update the gateway location in the database. Then this location data is added to each received uplink. So yes, ChirpStack will always use the latest location data received from your gateway.

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Thank you a lot @brocaar I will try it and let the forum know how it goes!