Send OsmAnd http url to Traccar


i’m looking for a solution to send my position data to an external Traccar server. I need to integrate the, via LoRa, received data in an url like this…{0}&lon={1}&timestamp={2}&hdop={3}&altitude={4}&speed={5}

This is the json as shown in my MQTT client. How can i built an url like above with my inserted data?

“applicationID”: “4”,
“applicationName”: “Adenuis-Network-Tester”,
“deviceName”: “Adeunis-Network-Tester”,
“devEUI”: “0018b2000002198e”,
“txInfo”: {
“frequency”: 867300000,
“dr”: 0
“adr”: true,
“fCnt”: 1,
“fPort”: 1,
“data”: “vxhTIDIgAHAUYBYBAQ5VSwc=”,
“object”: {
“battery_level”: 3669,
“dl_counter”: 1,
“gps_quality”: “Good”,
“hdop”: 1,
“lati_hemisphere”: “North”,
“latitude”: 53.3387,
“latitude_dmm”: “N 53°20.322”,
“long_hemisphere”: “East”,
“longitude”: 7.024333333333334,
“longitude_dmm”: “E 007°01.46”,
“payload”: “BF1853203220007014601601010E554B07”,
“rssi_dl”: -75,
“sats”: 6,
“snr_dl”: 7,
“temperature”: 24,
“trigger”: “pushbutton”,
“ul_counter”: 1

Thanks in advance…