Sending GPS data to the ThingsBoard

Hello! I’m newbie. This is my first task with lora. I don’t understand what to do next.

I have a GPS tracker that has been successfully activated in a chirpstack application server. Now I need the gps data to be displayed on

This is the data I see through the application server

“type”: “up”,
“payload”: {
“applicationID”: “6”,
“applicationName”: “bison”,
“deviceName”: “bison”,
“devEUI”: “AASjCwAhgJE=”,
“rxInfo”: [
“gatewayID”: “AIAAAKAAbjY=”,
“time”: “2022-01-27T15:23:20.313764Z”,
“timeSinceGPSEpoch”: “1327332218.313s”,
“rssi”: -44,
“loRaSNR”: 7,
“channel”: 2,
“rfChain”: 0,
“board”: 0,
“antenna”: 0,
“location”: {
“latitude”: 43.22933,
“longitude”: 76.9317,
“altitude”: 948,
“source”: “UNKNOWN”,
“accuracy”: 0
“fineTimestampType”: “NONE”,
“context”: “ZlrW2w==”,
“uplinkID”: “ZUeDwl6pQfC075b8sBH4TQ==”,
“crcStatus”: “CRC_OK”
“txInfo”: {
“frequency”: 868500000,
“modulation”: “LORA”,
“loRaModulationInfo”: {
“bandwidth”: 125,
“spreadingFactor”: 7,
“codeRate”: “4/5”,
“polarizationInversion”: false
“adr”: true,
“dr”: 5,
“fCnt”: 28,
“fPort”: 1,
“data”: “AwA=”,
“objectJSON”: “{“message”:“`”}”,
“tags”: {},
“confirmedUplink”: false,
“devAddr”: “AZGZDw==”,
“publishedAt”: “2022-01-27T15:23:20.625704466Z”,
“deviceProfileID”: “fa1eb36c-3e87-4194-82a6-3c9bdd41fd13”,
“deviceProfileName”: “test_device_profile”

This is what I see with mosquitto_sub

application/6/device/0004a30b00218091/event/up {“applicationID”:“6”,“applicationName”:“bison”,“deviceName”:“bison”,“deviceProfileName”:“test_device_profile”,“deviceProfileID”:“fa1eb36c-3e87-4194-82a6-3c9bdd41fd13”,“devEUI”:“0004a30b00218091”,“rxInfo”:[{“gatewayID”:“00800000a0006e36”,“uplinkID”:“3d22a821-4aeb-4115-a6a2-78961f7e2671”,“name”:“multitech”,“time”:“2022-01-28T05:55:41.241182Z”,“rssi”:-44,“loRaSNR”:9,“location”:{“latitude”:43.22933,“longitude”:76.9317,“altitude”:948}}],“txInfo”:{“frequency”:868100000,“dr”:5},“adr”:true,“fCnt”:59,“fPort”:1,“data”:“AwA=”}

If I understand correctly, for integration with thingsboard, I need to write a codec that will be used on the thingsboard side to display gps values.
But the problem is that I’m not a programmer and I don’t understand what I should write and how.
I re-read the documentation on the chiprstack and thingsboard websites, but did not understand what to write.

Please explain to the stupid what should I do?
I would appreciate any help

The only thing chirpstack does in this process is to send the payload with the “data” package to your thingsboard server. This is done under your application → integration → “add thingsboard”.

Then you have to, as you say, handle the incoming payload in thingsboard. You need to decode the data package that could come in hex, and extract the values.

Maybe post this on a Thingsboard forum instead - to get more info on how to do it :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll try to write on the thingsboard forum