Sending Lora data to server on a fixed frequency

Hello All,
I am in need of help here,
I have installed the Chirpstack server on my raspberry pi and my whole system is now internet independent. but my problem is that my node is sending data at the 8 frequencies, I want each node to send data to the gateway at a fixed frequency, and also receive data from the gateway on the same frequency. this will help me put up to eight nodes on the system.
Any help will be appreciated

Please note that this is not how LoRaWAN works. Devices are hopping across the frequencies configured by the network. Please also note that the number of frequencies does not equal to the number of max. supported devices.


Thank so much for the work you do here and how you make things easy for us beginners. also thanks for your reply. I do know that that is not how LoRawan works. But I just want to know it is doable. as I have 7 data sensors which I wish to monitor and I want data to be sent to the gateway from each node at a fixed frequency.


Then this is probably something you could define in your device software. E.g. hardcode the uplink frequency that is used.From the NS you can not configure this behavior.