Sending packets from the gateway


I am setting up a test network with 3 lorawan gateways and 2 lora devices that transmit data every 20 minutes.
Currently, I am able to receive signals from lora devices on any lorawan gateway and send a signal to lora devices when there is a lora device tramisija, i.e. every 20 minutes

I am not able to trigger streaming to lora devices at any time from the chirpstack site, is there a way to do this?
The second topic I need to do is to generate a lora test signal from the lorawan gate to check how it will be received on the other lorawan gates.


I understand this is a testing lorawan network. But why would you have two devices and three gateways?
I mean it is good with only one gateway.

On the other hand, you mention:

It depends on the class of the devices, if they are class A so they would only receive data from gateway when doing uplinks… However if they are class C they can receive data at any time from the gateway.

Please take a look into your devices classes and make sure they support to trigger streaming to devices.

Finally, you mention the following:

Messages can not me sent from between gateways, this option is only possible for a quite small bunch of gateways which already support this feature.

Hope this helps…