Sending plain LoRa messages

Hi, I‘m pretty sure I‘m missing some terminology here, but I can‘t find a way to send raw, plain LoRa payload. I don‘t care about encryption and I‘m fine with everybody being able to receive my payloads.
I have a Laird RG1xx up and running, but everything I find for the gateway stuff seems to be focused on LoraWan while I don‘t need the Wan layer

You can use the LoRa Gateway Bridge to directly send and receive LoRa frames:

Note that when you install the latest Laird RG1xx firmware, it will come pre-installed with the LoRa Gateway Bridge component. Meaning you can directly interact with your gateway over MQTT and operate on the LoRa level :slight_smile:

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aaaaalright… it’s basically working. At least I can send raw frames from my LoPy to LoraServer.

But when I try to issue a TX, nothing happens.

This is how I try to publish:

mosquitto_pub -t "gateway/c0ee40ffff29xxxx/tx" -u loraroot -P xx -h localhost -p 1883 -d -m '{
"token": 2,  // random token (uint16), used for acknowledgements
"phyPayload": "SGVsbG8=",
"txInfo": {
    "board": 0,
    "antenna": 1,
    "codeRate": "4/5",
    "dataRate": {
        "bandwidth": 125,
        "modulation": "LORA",
        "spreadFactor": 7
    "frequency": 868100000,
    "immediately": true,
    "mac": "c0ee40ffff29xxxx",
    "power": 14

running mosquitto in verbose mode (“mosquitto -v”) I can see:

1517320792: New connection from on port 1883.
1517320792: New client connected from as mosqpub/xxxx(c1, k60, u’loraroot’).
1517320792: Sending CONNACK to mosqpub/xxxx (0, 0)
1517320792: Received PUBLISH from mosqpub/xxxx (d0, q0, r0, m0, ‘gateway/c0ee40ffff293a08/tx’, … (436 bytes))
1517320792: Sending PUBLISH to 41c4e6c5-6dc5-4056-8a53-5ccdbbe820d7 (d0, q0, r0, m0, ‘gateway/c0ee40ffff29xxxx/tx’, … (436 bytes))
1517320792: Received DISCONNECT from mosqpub/xxxx
1517320792: Client mosqpub/xxxx disconnected.

But nothing appears in the Laird RG1xx LoRa log - no new frames etc.
Where (eg in which log) can I check where this packet gets lost. And is there any description of the JSON fields? Like: what do I have to enter for “mac”? I did enter the GW’s mac

There is an option in the Laird gateway to show debug messages (I believe at the bottom of the web-interface). That might give you more information.

I think you can also leave out the:

    "board": 0,
    "antenna": 1,

This is used for some of the Kerlink gateways, but for the Laird this is not used (as it only has one LoRa antenna and board).

Thx, that helped!
The problem was the // inside the JSON :wink:
(// random token)

@derchris slightly off topic, but I noticed your sending raw JSON , you will save bandwidth by using a compact payload format like Cayenne LPP.