Sending/receiving the data payload

Hi Brocaar,

Thanks for asking me to post the question as new post.

This is my payload data

“reference”: “1”,
“confirmed”: true,
“fPort”: 10,
“data”: “Hi is this is Lora-app-server”

I don’t know how what should be the end point URL 's be configured as,What do you mean by end point configuration?Also let me know how to send this payload data to gateway.

Please see this is the response that I get

Please note that I have not configured the endpoint url

This is for uplink data. In case you setup a HTTP integration (note that the payload is by default published over MQTT, so this is an additional integration), the data will be posted to the configured HTTP endpoints.

What you can do for testing:

The JSON payload format is equal to the JSON payload published over MQTT. See:

Scheduling downlink data / sending data

With regards to your downlink question, pease note that the data you’re posting must be base64 encoded.

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Thank you very much Brocaar

Hi ,

Created the requestbin,this is the bin url added to the app integration

Next tried to send the post data through the app created

but failed to see the response in the request bin.
Please see the pic data is in base64 as suggested.Please let me know how to solve the error in the response body.

Please note, that you will see uplink messages (from your device) in the request bin. Sending downlink messages (to your device) is no guarantee dat your device is sending anything back. Note that for Class-A devices, the above will queue the data until your device initiates a receive-window.

With regards to the error message, did you read the authentication / authorization documentation?

See also:

Thanks for the reply
Generated the jwt secret .

used the response body to sign the token
Please let me know how to use it further.

Hi Brocaar,
Generated JWT secret from the api /api/internal/login with the payload
“password”: “admin”,
“username”: “admin”
} I copy pasted the resulting JWT token into the text box on the right top corner of UI but getting the following.

As per the documentation the payload has to be

“iss”: “lora-app-server”,
“aud”: “lora-app-server”,
“nbf”: 1489566958,
“exp”: 1489653358,
“sub”: “user”,
“username”: “admin”

but without the password iam not able to generate the secret.
Also as per documentation for the send data from app-server to node(downlink,if Iam not wrong) needs api
application/[applicationID]/node/[devEUI]/tx but I don’t find this api in the UI.Please which is the API I need to use to send the payload .

Sorry I will create a new topic