Sensor send LinkCheckReq

I have a sensor (TekBox TBS12S) that generates a frame with mac-command “LinkCheckReq” every time before sending data (fPort = 0). I see this frame in my application server decoder script and on my MQTT broker. This is normal behavior? I thought mac-commands are only a network server thing.

This approach is like sending occasional messages with ACK requests and may be easier to implement when using device-side logic. By occasionally sending a zero-byte LinkCheckReq message, the server can respond to the device and confirm that it is still joined to the network. If the server does not receive a response, it can assume that the device is no longer on the network and can send another join request.

Yes, why not?

Yes I understand why the programmer of the sensor uses this message. But is this a necessary information for the application server?
It generates MQTT messages I have to care for in my NodeRED logic.