Server doesn't seem to accept LinkADRReq acknowledgement


I have a sensor that seems to accept a LinkADRReq and respond with confirmation. However, it seems like Chirpstack doesn’t recognize that the device has acked the instruction. Chirpstack keeps sending the same LinkADRReq for several times even though the device is acking it each time.

The sensor does accept and use the instructions - it starts and continues to transmit with the targeted DR and channels.

The only unusual think I noticed was that the LinkADRAns was logged as a “LinkADRReq”, but since they are the same CID code (only differing between if server or device sends it), I don’t know if this is expected or an indicator of an issue.

I put the packet capture from Chirpstack in pastebin because it was very long.

Thank you for any assistance!

To me all looks well, please take a look at the dr and txPower values, the NS is optimizing the data-rate and tx-power :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the assistance! This information is very helpful.