Server fails to execute RX1 DR8 in AU_915 0-7

Hi I’m running the ChirpStackOS on a RaspberryPi with a RAC 831. It is configured for channels 0-7 +64. Using the auto-configuration option from the menu.

On my end-device a Draguino LT 33222-L (OTTA class C) I noticed a large amount of RX timeouts. After some investigation, I noticed that the server never transmits in DR8 and fails the first transmit all together. Ever now and again it will transmit on DR 10 it works fine. However, the lost RX causes around 50-70 % of the transmission to fail. I have tried just about any combination I can think of, but nothing seems to resolve the issue. I’m not sure if there is some magic setting I’m missing or if this is a bug?

Most likely the former :slight_smile:

I really would appreciate some help.

Thank you in advance


Take a look of this, you may have an answer:

in the section:
# Why i see data lost/unperiocially uplink data? Even the signal strength is good