Setting up class B on new chirpstack gateway

I am trying to do class B communication with a functional class B device. This has been tested on earlier setups of chirpstack, where a raspberry pi image was installed, but now I am running the chirpstack OS.
I have trouble finding the following:

  • Packet-forwarder logs (to make sure that beacons are being transmitted from the gateway)
  • A place to config / turn on class B on the gateway? (I can both SSH and use the web-interface when connecting to the network it creates, so I should have access to wherever the option to do this would be.)

As of now all of my downlinks are with the class B flag set to 0, but my end device has transmitted an uplink with Class B flag set to 1 and the device profile has been configured to use Class B with the correct settings.

I hope that someone here can help me find out how to turn on class B for the gateway and find the logs which show if beacons are sent, which used to be the packet-forwarder log… :slight_smile:

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Some toml files have beacon settings.

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