Setting up minimum and maximum DR (data rate) in V4

Is changing the minimum and maximum DR rates in the appropriate region_US915_x TOML file (in v4) all that is required to bound the negotiated rates with the end-nodes? I need to stop the system from necking down to DR0 until I can get out to improve signal quality. Thank you.

# Minimum data-rate.
#min_dr=0 original setting

# Maximum data-rate.

I think no need to change the default.
If your signal is good enough, ADR will automatically adjust your DR.

DR decreases at the end-device when there is no adrackreq response from the network.

There is no min/max dr that can be sent to end devices via lorawan to limit the backoff.

This would need application logic.

Then what are the minimum and maximum datarate settings in the region TOML files for?

The min/max settings in the TOML files will limit the DR sent from the LNS to end-devices for ADR commands.

If the minimum is above what the physical link from end-device to gateway connection RSSI/SNR can realistically use there can be an incompatibility. If a downlink is possible at DR0 but the min is set to DR2 the LNS may update the DR to DR2 and the device will try to send but will fallback after missed ADRACKreq answers.

The maximum can be useful where it is desired to have 8 - 125 KHz channels used and not raise the DR up to the SF7BW250 or SF8BW500 datarate where gateways only support one channel.

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