Setup loraserver as active/active active/standby mode


Could you please throw some light on, if loraserver can be configured as active/active or active/standby mode. So even one setup stops or crashes the messages are received. If it is possible then how will the network traffic gets routed.

I am looking for a solution to a problem which I have recently faced.The loraserver stopped, after running fine for 3 months and I lost data. I was thinking If I could implement any fail safe setup using loraserver so the data is never lost. Has anyone done something like that.

Thanks in advance.

No problem if you don’t use loraserver for a long time , I think there are some thing wrong in your setup or code^^. You can watch my video to setup again with fastest
youtube .com/playlist?list=PL9FegcZTeB9LRLnXtN6OMkVSZYgHdlmOr