Setup on AWS Free Tier

I’m curious if anyone has successfully setup LoRaServer with the InfluxDB and Granafa dashboard using the AWS free tier?

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The tier doesn’t really matter does it? :slight_smile: You could just install Debian or Ubuntu and follow the instructions from

The Docker-Compose quickstart will easily fit in half the memory (or less) of a free tier EC2 instance. You didn’t say if this was for a production environment or you’re just looking to get something running, so…

We have successfully setup the InfluxDB and Granafa dashboard using a free tier on AWS.

Thank you for everyone’s help.


Well I was a AWS customer and for me it was a bit expensive for me. Recently i have been using Apps4Rent services for loraserver. Price are good. Support is excellent. Overall good experience with these guys.

Adrian Gaes

Please share the instruction set !!