Setup private LoRaWan and gateways

I would like to setup private LoRaWan network using this LoRaServer and either third party gateways or using some readily available kits, I have some questions… would like to get your ideas/suggestions:

  1. Any readily available Ubuntu server I can rent online? Is there anyone who offers ready image for LoRaServer?
  2. Is there a way to configure gateway so that it only listens to my devices? or kind of drop any LoRa uplink messages not coming from my devices?
  3. For private LoRa end-nodes, will they be assigned any set / range of ids? Or will I be offered a prefix / range of ids?
  4. what expertise would be needed to setup and run this private LoRaWan? We will of course have app server and application deployed where my users can access data from the end-nodes…