Share gateway without registered in another organization

Hi Brocaar,

I have 2 application on loraserver, loraserver_1 and loraserver_2 application. I register gateway_1 on loraserver_1, and register new node_2 on loraserver_2 without register gateway. While node_2 data come in from gateway_1, the data still come to raw_frame_logs on application loraserver_2 even though i don’t register any gateway on that application(loraserver_2).

Gateways can be managed within an organization (not application), but become available to the whole network-server instance. So given you have one network-server (LoRa Server) instance, it means that all devices provisioned can use these gateways.

Oops, sorry i mean 2 organization :slight_smile:

On loraserver2 side

On loraserver gateway side

Yes, so the second organization can’t manage this gateway, but it will still use the gateways on the network for sending and receiving :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right.
On loraserver2 organization without gateway, i register lora_node(veh347).
This lora_node come in from gateway on loraserver_1 side. but lora_node data still goes to loraserver_2

Does it work like this?
So why, an organization can register its gateway if i can get data from the other gateway’s organization when i know its devaddr?


It is so that an organization can manage its own gateways (e.g. generating tokens), manage the location and performance. However an organization is not a “virtual network”.

Thanks broocar for the explanation :slight_smile:
I understand now