Should I enable ADR in this situation?


I am wondering if I should enable ADR on my end devices if they will be stationary for different periods of times. The main use will be for logistics/tracking equipment that will be on a site for different periods of time. Once on site, they will usually just be kept in one location.

Example) Equipment will be on Site A for 3-5 days, and then move to another location Site B.
From there, the equipment being tracked will then move to Site C in 1-2 months, etc.

For the most part, the equipment will be stationary at these different sites but they will be moved from time to time.

Should I be enabling ADR for this type of situation?

Conventional ADR, probably not.

ADR with a more aggressive node-side backoff, yes.

Eg, when the node starts getting interaction from the network, it should ramp up its data rate (and potentially reduce its power) in the way ADR is designed to.

But when it stops getting responses, you want to fall back to lower data rates and higher power faster than a stationary node would.

You could also use something like an accelerometer to measure “moving time” and when it seems like there’s been a relocation, be a bit more aggressive about trying to get a response.

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