Should NetID be unique for each LoRa Server?

So far I am unable to find and answer to my question but my first thought was that NetID should be unique, so I set 000010 for one of my US servers and 000011 for my other US server. Am I right? I amm asking this because I am having a little problem which I can`t explain, so I am guessing that possibly my NetID values are causing this. The problem I mentioned is that after some time of everything working just fine, my nodes somehow get channel mask FFFF and begins sending empty payload (all nodes for both US servers about the same time +/- 10min.). It seems like only restarting loraservers helps to solve this.

We run different NetIDs on each of our deployments, mainly for being able to filter traffic at the gateways. There is an overhead cost for this in terms of gateway and server management, though.

We’ve never had issues with unusual traffic because of it. I would revert to a stock NetID and see if it reproduces.

That sounds like it might be more of a node issue.

Also, “empty payloads” are not the same as “empty packets” - check to see what is set in fopts and any mac commands.

What sort of operation are you using? OTAA or ABP? ADR??

Worth noting that some versions of LMiC have a bug in ABP mode where if ADR fails they start trying to send OTAA joins, but of course can’t really because they are not configured for OTAA.

Thanks for your answer. I am using OTAA. At first I also thought that problem is in the nodes, but then why does this happen at +/- same time no matter when the nodes are turn on. Anyway, we added some extra debug info for the nodes, maybe it will help.

Likely it is a problem where the nodes are responding to a set of circumstances in a different way than the server hoped they would.

Maybe this link will help:

Technically, unless you have been assigned a NetID by the LoRa Alliance, you should only ever use 000000 or 000001. Using some other value could possibly conflict with an assigned NetID.