Signal and channel RSSI

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I’m currently utilizing Chirpstack for my university final project, focusing on extracting the RSSI value from it. During my exploration, I’ve identified two distinct RSSI values:

  1. RSSI Channel: This indicator represents the power within the channel bandwidth, factoring in the power of the signal and the thermal noise.
  2. RSSI Signal: This specifically reflects the LoRa signal, excluding considerations for the thermal noise power. It is solely focused on the LoRa modulation.

I’m seeking clarification on whether the RSSI reports in the messages visible on the Chirpstack server refer to the channel or signal RSSI.

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This might be something to extend in GW data. There is a difference between the SX1301 and SX1302 packet-forwarder data. ChirpStack uses the rssi field.

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I had the same question because I also need to include this in my thesis.
As far as I understand it it uses the RSSI Signal that is being provided through the HAL (SX1302):

chirpstack-concentratord/chirpstack-concentratord-sx1302/src/wrapper/ at 5026dff193b7317b9a48311c2b303fa6d4c94a77 · chirpstack/chirpstack-concentratord (

Also, in case you need to process data from the jsons that you can download, I wrote a short python programm to convert the json into a Excel file. If something like this would be handy for you just say so.

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Thanks for the answere! I already managed to understand it and thanks for and thanks for offering your Python program.

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