Silly question, where can I see the version of CS?

This might be a silly question or otherwise a mini feature idea. I’m trying to find out the CS version by looking at the web interface, API, and even looking at the page source of the web pages.
I know you can see the version in the logs but I was wondering if there is another place that a regular user can check.

Users can not view version in web GUI yet.

I was looking through the source and noticed like every file has its own version. Maybe there is a way to look at the highest version that is in there anywhere and print that out somewhere, could even be on the login page and/or a reference to the commit on github. I don’t know go or I would look into it, maybe I need to learn it.

Maybe we can add it here:
It can be invisible even, a comment in the html source for example.

From a security perspective, it is generally considered as a bad practice to expose the version publicly.

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@Jerome73 Well in that case we should change Chirpstack Login to ****** Login, and then we don’t disclose the name of the program, that should add a lot of extra security (btw. I agree with you). The version can be displayed after the login though and it’s ok if there is no version available or if the whole thing is made up of individual packages that all have their own version. I’m only saying it would be nice for trouble-shooting purposes.

Adding it in a kind of “About section” in the admin menu could be fair, with the version of major components.