Simulated Devices

What is a good way to create some simulated incoming datasources?

I’d like to be able to do some testing without having to deploy lots of physical gateways/devices

You can use a graphical simulator I wrote:
It’s not without issues and I’m working on it, but it’s usable for most cases. Hope it helps.

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One option is to use the mbed simulator as a virtual lorawan device and a gateway:

We are currently using it to test our loraerver setup and integration with external application. You need to change the address of the packet forwarder host and port in server.js file to point to your installed loraserver bridge.


I’m also using the mbed simulator.

Re: the web based version … how do we change the configuration from the TTN default to a different NS? Not apparent from the docs.

You have this one if what you need to do is a benchmark or a stress test

It was made by someone in this forum and tested against LoRaServer

@Abdullah_Alfadhly How were you able to connect it to the loraserver ?
I have change the connections in the serverjs but still dont see any messages reaching the loraserver
when i get the emulator to send i see this message pop up in the browser serial output
send() - Error code -1017