Simulator for planning radio coverage

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does anyone of you know a simulator with which you can calculate or visualize the radio coverage, PER, RSSI, etc. between gateways and nodes? Maybe from amateur radio?

It does not have to be open source, but at least it has an API that allows you to configure the simulator and import/export data.

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You may consider Radio Mobile. You can simulate coverage for LoRaWAN perfectly with this tool.
All documentation can be found at:

Workshop content for the workshop I gave at 2019 TTN conference can be found here:

Cu, Remko



Thanks for your reply.

I would like to know, if its possible

  • to limit LoraWan Gateway channels to 8
  • change of different SF during transmission if the packets are not being delivered
  • to configure two receive window for end devices for downlink

I am also concerned if there is any API available for the Radio Mobile software which will help to configure the software.

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Prajakta Lokhande

Hey @pe1mew ,
thank you for your answer.
The proposed simulator looks pretty fine but I haven’t seen an API. Is there a way to use/provide an API?

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Hi, Not that I am aware of. What would you want to use it for?

Hey Remko,

I would like to use your simulator e.g. in a Python script. This script could automate the optimization of the simulation. The results of simulation could be used to optimize some parameters e.g. like antenna height, location, power and so on. These parameters could then be used to re-feed the simulator.



I understand what you mean. Unfortionately that is not available in Radio Mobile.

Cu, Remko

Hi DeHi,

for this task I have used this simulator: ONEPLAN RPLS-XML – InfoTel
And I am very happy with an easy user-friendly interface and big calculation possibilities, especially with a different visualization possibilities.

Where you can request a demo-version and try such features as a prediction of RSSI, radio coverage and to see the heat-maps and more: Feedback – InfoTel

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