Simultaneous operation: LoRa and LoRaWAN


I was wondering how I could use a gateway to talk both LoRa as well as LoRaWAN.

My current configuration looks like this (i.e. the mqtt traffic is intercepted by a locally installed node-red, where it is currently simply transparently forwarded):

Packet Forwarder <–UDP–> LoRaServer Gateway Bridge <–mqtt–> node-red on Gateway <–mqtt–> LoRa App-Server

I would like to deploy some devices talking raw LoRa (e.g. using the same gateway.

Has this already been realized by someone? Any hints / ideas how to start?



The gateway doesn’t know the difference between LoRa and LoRaWAN :slight_smile: So when one of your LoRa devices would send an uplink LoRa frame, it would publish this to gateway/[GatewayID]/event/up with the LoRa payload as phyPayload field.

LoRa Server will not know how to handle these frames (and will probably log this as an error). So you need to create your own application subscribing to gateway/[GatewayID]/event/up and filter on these “raw LoRa” frames.

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