Slow/No Loading of Gateway/Application frames


Most times gateway/application frames are not shown in the app server. The loading screen just keeps on trying with no result. I tried installing the framework on raspberry pi and a local server but the issue persists. The frames are displayed sometimes after a fresh login.

The Uplink frame counter field in Devices > Activation shows increments which clearly states that the app server is receiving data. MQTT client shows the payloads as well.

Is it an issue related to the database? Slow DB RW?
Any help is deeply appreciated.



This might need improvement at the UI side, but when the dot is red, it means you’re not (yet) connected (Websockets). See also:

Thank for the quick help. I managed to get the frames log view by switching to my ip address:8080 ( instead of using https://loraserver.local. Zeroconf was configured on the system with 80 port mapped to 8080, which make me think. Must have been an issue with the port forwarding config.