Smart Campus: ChirpStack

Hello, we want to install sensors for environmental monitoring and also turn on or off the lights at the university. Currently, we use TTN and TTS. My question is, do you recommend ChirpStack? Should we install it on the cloud, like AWS, or on a local server? We also want to develop a web application to view the environmental monitoring data and control the lights’ on/off functionality. I’m new to ChirpStack, so I would appreciate any recommendations on what to install and how to install it.

is it difficult ChirpStack?

I would probably recommend running it from the cloud using docker if you’re familiar… although you can run it from a rpi etc just thinking about what could go wrong if an sdcard decided to corrupt itself which they always do when you least expect it :grin:

Is there any tutorial for running it from the cloud using Docker? If we are going to use a mobile app to turn the lights on and off from anywhere on the Internet, how does ChirpStack need to be installed? Is there a tutorial? I would appreciate your help

Chirpstack docker

chirpstack/chirpstack-docker: Setup ChirpStack using Docker Compose (

Hello! It says that the ChirpStack will be on a localhost (http://localhost:8080/), but what should I do if the mobile app or web app needs to send the commands from anywhere (using the Internet) to the localhost? I suppose ChirpStack should be in the cloud or have access to the Internet.?

You need to deploy chirpstack on a cloud server so you can access it over the internet and send commands using the internet like AWS or any private VPS server