[Solved] Gateway bridge not seen on network server

[Problem solved: it occurs that Chirpstack remote server uses udp or mqtts]

Hi there,

i’ve installed and setup a Rpi1+ic880a running gateway OS.
The gateway is in a private network (192.168.1/255).
I’ve configured gateway bridge to report to the network server using tcp://serverip:1883.
sudo monit summary is all ok.

I’ve added the gateway on the chirpstack server by copying/pasting ID as it appears in config file
(btw, i’m trying to mimic a working setup where only gateway id changes)

Gateway is never seen.
from ssh terminal i can ping server ip from gw but telnet on port 1883 doesn t work (doen t wok too from a machine in the same LAN)

nmap on server for this port says
1883/tcp filtered mqtt

is there something i’m doing wrong?

Thx by advance.