Sometime Uplink not received on Chirpstack Network, but on MQTT topic it shows data


I am using MQTT Protocol to connect with Chirpstack and gateway.
Sometimes say 1 out of 20, uplinks, doesn’t show up on Chirpstack, When I analyze data I found that data is available on MQTT (subscribed on same topic as gateway used for uplink).

I also verify dumped data by chripstack, and doesn’t found any error in data.

Please help me to identify the causes of dump of uplink.

Thank You

Miss uplink cause found:
I have removed a gateway from Chirpstack, but Gateway is live(send data to chirpstack), I observed that data frames are missing, so I swicth off this removed gateway, and problem solved.
So, So removed gateway causes this issue, but I am not sure how it affect other gateway data?

Thank You

I don’t think this is supposed to happen because the NS appears to subscribe to the topics of all gateways (using MQTT wildcards).

Since you deleted the gateway but still expected data, I guess this means you have another gateway in operation? Could it be that when you encounter this “lost” uplink, the uplink was successfully received by only your deleted gateway? But since it was already deleted, the uplink is not handled.

Sorry if I could not write clearly.
I have 2 gateway installed on my building roof, for testing 1st gateway downlink, I deleted 2nd gateway from chirpstack Gateway Page (Doesn’t Power off this gateway, so it send data to chirpstack).
By this I will get downlink by 1st gateway only.
In this case many fcnts are missed from data. So I power off 2nd gateway(now it is not sending frames to Chirpstack), then I get all frames from Node by 1st gateway.

I tested this multiple time, but facing same issue.