Sourcecode for Enqueue downlink payload

Enqueue downlink payload is a GUI for that appears in the cs application server dashboard.

Applications >> Name >> Device name

Where is the sourcecode for this staged? I don’t want to copy it, rather I need to know precisely how it is calculating the downlink frequency as a function of the uplink packet frequency.

My end devices are currently using 8 channels from US915 subband 2. Ranging from 903.9 to 905.3 MHz.

chirpstack-network-server.toml has

[] name=US915


My Join/OTAA RX2 channel frequency (Hz) * =

LoRa Regional parameters calls for downlink frequencies as a function of uplink frequencies such that they are (FRQ modulo 8). Which means my edge device must quickly switch out into chans 0 thru 7 during a listen window.

I wanted to see the sourcecode to ensure that chirpstack is doing that. Thanks.

For ChirpStack v3, you’ll find this here for US915: