Star of star architecture

Hello everyone ,

I’m trying to install a star of star Lorawan architecture using chirpstack.
the idea is to send the data from endDevice to gateway witch sends it to another gateway connected directly to the server , that way we can have a wider network area .

Anybody have any idea or suggestion that might be helpful please share it with me and thanks

Each gateway needs to be connected to the core, you cannot relay gateways. Each gateway will need an internet connection and as such, needs to be connected to the Chirpstack core. You cannot connect a gateway to another gateway.

A star means all gateways are connected to the core. What you are describing is a mesh, which Chirpstack (or any other LoRaWAN network) is not…

at least this is my understanding.

Easy enough for a standalone gateway to act as a repeater. What happens when two repeaters are in range of each other?

Downlinks need help (metadata) as the timing and rf params need to match what the end-device is expecting.

Lots of glue needed and extra time for downlinks to hop. The LNS would need to send extra early so special case and code in LNS scheduling.

Basically an inter-gateway protocol would need to be designed. Plus a hop-gateway lns protocol.

When I search Google, I saw a lot of LoRaWAN repeaters.
LoRaWAN not LoRa.
Not sure if they works.

Has anyone ever tried some of them?