Starting multicast scheduler

Hi , I am new in loraserver, but I need to install lora server over windows 7, and I am trying to run loraserver.exe (I have installed mqtt , redis, and postgresql).
When I try to run loraserver.exe command from the cmd window, it shows me that the program is “starting muticast scheduler” and the program is waiting eternally in this process.

What I need to go ahead in the process ?

Thanks for any advice

Any luck on it? i am facing same issue

I’m not sure what the issue is? It is an INFO log that the multicast scheduler is about to start :slight_smile:

This isn’t helpful for new users. If the network server is stuck while starting the multicast scheduler what steps should be taken? Should we continue with the install guide to the application server? Is this a non-starter that needs to be resolved before continuing with the guide?

Hi, I am currently having the same problem following the quickstart guide for Debian / Ubuntu. Does anyone know what the problem is? Has anyone already found a solution.