Static IP in ChirpStack OS - How to?


For a test setup I would like to configure a static IP address (I am using the full Chirpstack OS in Rpi4). I found a few threads on this forum but unfortunately I have not been able to set a workable static IP.

In the folder /etc/network I modified the interfaces file with a static IP (see below).

iface eth0 inet static

Also changing the network and gateway to the same subnet does (after a reboot) not result in the static IP address as configured.

Any ideas or suggestions?


So if it does not work thru the /etc/network/interfaces file I could imagine adding it to a list of commands executed at startup (as workaround)

Command to add: ifconfig eth0

Where can I configure / add this in the Chirpstack OS?


don’t forget to flush your RPI4 dynamic IP assigned by your GW(ROUTER), between the reipl for your RPI4

Thanks. However I am using the full Chirpstack OS and the assignment of IP addresses is handled differently afaik.

Such a trivial topic taking so much time :sob: and becomes frustrating :nerd_face:

Please look into connmanctl, that might help you :slight_smile:

Thanks Orne. Will have a look at it

My 2 cents of experience below

Set static IP settings in Chirpstack full OS

  • sudo su
  • cd /var/lib/connman
  • cd ethernet_dca632817e1c_cable (in my case)
  • cat settings (displays the current settings)

Change IP address to static (example)

  • connmanctl config <service> --ipv4 manual <ip address> <netmask> <gateway>
  • connmanctl config ethernet_dca632817e1c_cable --ipv4 manual
  • Changes immediately / if connected thru SSH the link will be broken directly and you have to ssh to new IP@
  • Do not change the settingsfile manually (changes effected the OS directly)

Good connman overview:
(also describes when you would like to use the /etc/network/interfaces instead of connman)


Would you like to create a PR to add this do the documentation (e.g. a new page under the “use” section)?

Sure …good idea. Are you asking me todo this? :slight_smile:

Yes, if you would like to, that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

WIll pick it up during xmas holiday period