SteamDeviceEvents API timed out

I’m getting a lot of error 110 on POST /api.InternalService/StreamDeviceEvents. Seems related to Connection timed out.
Is this a bug or could it be related by a configuration problem somewhere ?


Could you provide a bit more context? Are you trying to call this API endpoint within your application, do you see this error in your browser, in the server logs…?

Hard to say, there is a lot of user, most of the call are ok, some not. I’lve seen on certain session that the events never displayed or are not correctly updated.
All the API calls respond well on the server.

This is strange, that’s why I’m sharing it. for sure it lacks of data. it’s also to see if I’m alone to get this or other have it.

But where do you see this error? Is it in the ChirpStack server logs or in the browser?