Storing Data from node


I am trying to log data that is coming in from my nodes onto my Rpi3, everything is working well on the Loraserver side of things, I subscribe to mosquitto and see my data rolling in. I however cannot figure out how to store any of that data, I have seen a fair few other threads on this forum and others and see that you always point us towards:

I’m guessing an answer is in there somewhere but I don’t have the technical knowledge to know where to start.
Could you please point me in the right direction, so far my theories have been to have a script that listens to the mosquitto_sub and writes the information received or create a http integration that will end up writing it to a text file. I have had no luck in either theory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



do you want to store in separate DB or what?

Essentially yeah, we ended up using nc -l localhost -p #### << filename

Worked well as we are rsyncing the data to a R studio/shiny server on the same Rpi3. It seems like double handling but its working well, I am thinking we could try and send the data straight to the R server but yet to attempt/figure it out.

I forgot I put this question up, I do have a follow up question:

We create the loraserver_ns/as, is there some data store there and if so how is it accessed?

No, LoRa (App) Server does not store any device payloads for you. This is the part you have to implement yourself (either writing an application which subscribes to the MQTT data and inserts this in a database, or implementing a HTTP endpoint to use as HTTP integration, also storing the data into a DB).

You could also use for example Node-RED ( to do this in a more visual environment :slight_smile: (e.g. you can subscribe to the MQTT topics from within Node-RED).